Speak & Do pismeno C

Partner-like communication between parents and children, mutual respect, harmonious family-like environment, and an open approach to solving everyday situations respecting everyone involved – all that is covered in regular seminars within the Speak & Respect project. Since we believe that not only kids but adults alike learn best through experience, i.e. through real-life situations, our seminars are experience-oriented.

What do our meetings look like?
The regular meetings of parents and kids are conducted by a certified lecturer specialized in communication and education. We meet in the comfortable attic space of the Salla Terrena in the heart of the Kampa park. Parents are given an opportunity to share their current situation and the problems they have with their kids and/or within their families and get valuable feedback and support. Parents are shown a different perspective of their situation and can compare it with problems of other participants who wound up in similar life situations. You can expect a personalized consultation and professional advice of the certified lecturer. A crucial part of the meeting is not only looking for solutions to current burning family issues, but also toward solving ad hoc situations, i.e. situations that arise right then and there amongst the kids and adults present. The outcome of the three-hour morning sharing session and of the experience-based learning of like-minded parents is newly gained inspiration, new insights, understanding and techniques which can be applied when solving common everyday challenges, not only, but primarily with children.

The seminars are a result of a need to devise a follow-up course to other previous courses which focused on raising children and communication with children and a need to create a support group and space (not only) for participants of these courses; a course which would offer a platform where they can test, to what extent they have been able to apply the previously acquired knowledge and skills in practice; they can find out why some things may not have been working for them; they can try out new ways of communication, which may prove to be more efficient, meaningful and more pleasant for everyone involved, i.e. both the parent(s) and the child. Real-life experience makes it easier for people to internalize and grasp new techniques and thus acquire and get under their belt a new approach to raising kids. The participants can thus support one another both verbally and physically on their transformational journey.

What will you get?Speak & Respect

  • Inspiration,
  • a new outlook on your situation,
  • insights offered by a certified lecturer,
  • confidence when interacting with your kids,
  • new contacts with like-minded parents,
  • tips for interesting reading and other courses and for seminars about raising children and communicating with them.

Who comes to the meetings?

  • Parents, mothers, and also grandmothers,
  • participants of courses such as Respect and being respected, Raising kids in a non-mentoring way (Výchova nevýchovou),
  • parents who have already read tons of books about child upbringing,
  • parents who have neither attended any courses, nor read any books but feel a need to raise their kids differently from the way they were raised themselves,
  • anyone who wishes to work on changing their deeply rooted but non-functional child rearing habits.

What will be your role?

  • You will be in charge of the extent of what you want to share how open you wish to be within the group,
  • you can either listen and soak in inspiration,
  • or you can be active and inspire others.

When can you join us?
Monday or Tuesday 9:30–12:30

Where can you find us?
Salla Terrena, KC Kampa, U Sovových mlýnů 5, Prague 1 – Lesser Town

How much does it cost?
300 CZK / 1 morning session in Salla Terrena

Usually between 4 to 6 moms / parents / grandparents take part, depending on the number of kids present.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@speakanddo.cz or call +420 720 757 486.