What are our basic teaching principles?Speak & Do pismeno K

  • Lessons are organized into monthly teaching blocks, i.e. four 45-minute teaching units devoted to a certain range of topics; within these units all lessons are connected in that children get to practice vocabulary they have already learned and at the same time they get to learn new words.
  • The lessons are run exclusively in English, and only if it’s unavoidable, with a little bit of Czech. The kids are in most cases fine with the English-only approach. This is ensured by designing the classes in such a way where all the words and phrases used are either visible, tangible, or absolutely clear from the context.
  • The lessons are conducted in tandem - Czech and native English speaker.

What are the main goals of the Speak & Do program?

  • We offer children maximum exposure to English.
  • We create an environment where kids can:
    • immerse themselves in highly authentic English situations,
    • experience English with their whole bodies (by running, jumping, moving their hands, etc.).
  • The structure of the lessons remains the same, which is reassuring for the kids, but the topics change so that the lessons remain novel and engaging.
  • We regularly communicate with parents about the teaching content so that what kids learn at pre-school can be combined with what they learn and do at home.

Do you want English lessons in your pre-school or in your area? Would you like us to launch Speak & Do in your neighborhood? Email us and we will take care of it...