Veronika N.
Our daughters love Speak & Do! :) Every Thursday they ask: “Are we going? What will we be creating?” Once we were not able to come and the girls were overcome with sheer sadness. Lessons run by Bára and James are conducted in a very kind and respectful manner, offering the kids plenty of creative and stimulating activities. Even our bilingual kids come back home knowing a ton of new nursery rhymes and songs. They simply enjoy every minute of it. I can highly recommend Speak & Do to all parents as an excellent after-(pre)school activity.

Andrea L.
Both my son and I cannot wait to go to Speak & Mamas every week. We enjoy every minute from the beginning to the very end, all the fun, songs, games, arts, singing, movement, and walks. The program is packed with wonderful activities imparted by excellent teachers and English is of course omnipresent. It always surprises me how easily my son Honza (2.5 years old) got used to the idea of a foreign language and how much he has already learned! Go and try Speak & Mamas - it is well worth it.

Teresa M.
My kids - native English speakers - had amazing fun and insist on coming back next week. Bara and Bethany are absolute pros. Can recommend wholeheartedly!

Karin G.
…if this goes on like this, you will have to come over to put my kid to sleep ☺ My son could not fall asleep, he was constantly singing and mumbling to himself. It all started about one hour after the class and till late at night we listened to his singing in ”English” and we had to answer his questions, such as ”how do you say this and that in English” much more intensively than usual :) And here comes some fun stuff: my son suspects that you guys do not understand English very well because he said at some point his favorite word ”blueberry” and you did not understand him at all :) However, otherwise he wisecracked that it is great that you can speak at least some Czech! :) Anyhow, we cannot thank you enough for all the energy and care that you and your colleagues invest in our little ones during Speak & Do classes. I am really impressed by this project and am amazed how well my little son did and how much he enjoyed it.

Jarka K.
I really liked your English class – and even though it may not have come across like that - my daughter did too – actually she now wants me to sing your songs to her all over again all the time :)

Tereza H.
Speak & Do is an extraordinarally active adventure in English, which is full of creative activities, singing, playing and fooling around. Our son always looks forward to the next class and he has become keener to find out how things are said in English. He sings to himself English songs he learned in class and he is not afraid of mispronouncing anything. He loves it when Bara is running the lesson; once he said about her ”she is simply like a mom”, who helps him not to miss his own mom for the whole two hours of the class. Your classes provide him with abundant opportunities to absorb, experience and enjoy a lot of new cool stuff you are doing with the kids. Thanks to the whole Speak & Do team!

Pavla H.
Once again many thanks for today’s Speak & Respect afternoon and your really warm welcome. Thank you for cordially including me within your group – I thoroughly enjoyed it and went back home to my daughter full of energy and enthusiasm. From time to time it’s great to have a chance to go over these issues, to voice my own thoughts and feelings aloud; and to hear others speak about the same or similar experience. I found the afternoon truly inspiring, enriching and relaxing at the same time! Am looking forward to coming with Elenka next time ;-) In any case, I am already looking forward to the next meeting of our group. Thanks again!

Jitka K.
Excellent teachers, who have an everlasting enthusiasm which is contagious for the kids and draws them into any game that’s being played; lectors pay full attention to the kids during the whole lesson. My daughter cannot wait to go there and she always brings home some interesting work of art. She is also constantly singing English songs to herself :)

Šárka H.
Speak & Do has an amazing and enthusiastic team, which has an excellent group and individual approach to kids; their program is entertaining and motivating… ;o)Speak & Do reference

Bára Š.
During the first few lessons our girls started to sing in English and kept asking what things are called in English… they truly enjoy the lessons and always look forward to them. I can strongly recommend Speak & Do! I was surprised myself how fast little kids can learn…

Kristýna R.
Excellent team, friendly approach, positive atmosphere… simply a place which kids do not want to leave for home ;o)

Jolana M.
A playful and creative environment where kids get so captivated and engaged that they do not even realize they‘re not speaking Czech. Speaking English becomes absolutely natural for them.

Tereza S.
An enthusiastic team, playful and inspiring environment, creative and varied programs for the kids. Our son is excited after every class and always looks forward to the next one.