ONLINE lessons are here!

Due to national quarantine, we have paused all personal contact lessons until further notice. However, we now offer ONLINE lessons for all ages and abilities, in small groups, and even on a 1:1 basis:
As we did before, our team of experienced native - English speaking teachers are continuing to run our fun and interactive courses, playdates and tutoring to kids and adults alike. If you are interested or have any queries then do not hesitate to contact us for more details and information.

( or call +420 723 332 454).

We wish everyone good health, positivity and optimism during this time and we hope to see you online soon to spread even more fun and happiness!emoticon

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Speak & Do - English (not only) for kids - naturally and playfully

Our English language programme, Speak & Do, is for children aged from 1 to 12 years of age. Our immersion courses are led by fully trained and experienced native - English speaking teachers, in small groups and alongside a Czech assistant teacher. Our interactive and TPR method engages every child holistically and in real-life situations where they learn heaps and bounds of language whilst having bundles of fun! We cherry pick the best elements of the Montessori teaching method and Hejny’s Mathematics and strive to incorporate that into all of our fun and engaging activities, games, songs, story-telling, craft and Science projects.

When the weather is on our side and the sunshine fills the air with smiles and laughter, we take our activities outside to a nearby garden... and on those wetter, colder and maybe grumpier days; well, we just make our own sunshine and stay inside- warm and cosy! Follow our social media to keep up to date with our fun-filled activities, unique ideas, learning tips and tricks! We’ll see you there.
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Let your kids Speak & Do!

Your kids will love the way we do English!
Looking forward to meeting you and your kids! ;-)
Speak & Do Team

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