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Our second semester is in full swing and the kids are enjoying the sunny Spring outside and arts & crafts projects and much more inside while being immersed in English. If you haven’t made it to one of our demo lessons, let us know and join us soon! There are still spots available at some of our courses. We’re also getting ready for the start of our Letna courses.emoticon
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Speak & Do - English (not only) for kids

SPEAK & DO Courses - Registration Form

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Speak & Do - English (not only) for kids - naturally and playfully

The English language program Speak & Do is for kids from 1 to 12 years old. Courses are experience-based, and run in small groups. We engage kids holistically in real-life situations. We cherry pick the best elements of the Montessori teaching method and Hejný's mathematics. When the weather is friendly, we play outside in the park or a nearby garden, when the weather is frowning at us, we stay inside cozy and warm. Each lesson is filled with creative activities, modelling, singing, nursery rhymes, reading, playing games with a native speaker and with a smile on our face - needless to say, all in English.
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