Speak & Do vykricnikWhich methods and approaches do we use and why?
The following methods are the basic building blocks of our Speak & Do program:

  • Experience-based pedagogy – primarily we try and make the kids engage their whole body; also, we select such activities which best simulate an authentic English-speaking environment,
  • Montessori pedagogy – we utilize Montessori teaching aids and procedures for teaching English; we believe that the ability to understand and speak a foreign language is essentially a skill; that’s why it is absolutely vital for the kids to get to know any language through a variety of real-life activities, not just through pointing at pictures and memorizing vocabulary,
  • Hejný’s method – prof. Milan Hejný might focus on the methodology of teaching mathematics but his approach mirrors both Montessori and experience-based pedagogy; in pre-school age kids his method helps develop pre-mathematical thinking, which can be reinforced not only via their mother tongue but also through a foreign language.

These teaching methods are employed and combined in our classes so as to fully respect children’s needs and simultaneously to enhance an all-around education.

It goes without saying that our teachers have a respecting approach to all children. It is our goal to guide children so that they also treat others with respect; we encourage their ability to appreciate others and value their work.

To engage our littlest participants, we incorporate sign language, which is an amazing tool for interpersonal communication. It can be efficiently used with kids who are not yet comfortable speaking but are perfectly capable of communicating otherwise.

How do we help parents outside of class?
We are convinced that close cooperation between parents and teachers is vital for kids to successfully develop their language skills. That’s why we regularly inform parents about our classes – we let them know which new vocabulary, songs and games we learned so they can go over it at home too. We also offer our own hand-made tools and games which facilitate learning at home.