About our language programs and courses

Why should children be exposed to foreign languages at pre-school age?Speak & Do Pismeno A
According to the Montessori pedagogy kids up until the age of six have the so called ”absorbent mind”, which means that their brain works a little bit like a massive sponge being able to soak in everything around them and take it for whatever it is. Of course it does not mean that people who start learning foreign languages later would not also be able to learn them well. Research shows that from the age of seven onwards children utilize different parts of the brain when learning foreign languages; they start learning mainly analytically, not spontaneously like little kids do. Last but not least, the brain is often compared to a muscle, i.e. for it to develop properly it needs a multitude of diverse stimuli.

What are the main goals of Speak & Do English courses for kids?

  • to expose kids to English through activities that engage all their senses and the whole body
  • to create an environment which gives the kids plenty of opportunity to listen to and absorb English at their own pace, i.e. they are given plenty of space to get acquainted with English intonation and pronunciation so as to create a solid foundation of the receptive knowledge of the language
  • to experience the same lesson structure, which gives kids comfort, while each lesson has a brand new topic

Why do our courses take the whole morning or afternoon?
We have selected the full ”immersion” approach because we are convinced it has amazing benefits for the kids. For kids to fully ”immerse” or ”dive into” the world of English, they need plenty of time; 30- to 45-minute lessons are insufficient in this respect. However, we also do not want to overburden the kids, hence, we ”encapsulate” or ”disguise” teaching into various games which are combined with movement, singing and art activities.