Speak & Do team

Bára KvasničkováBára Kvasničková
Owner/founder and teacher

Bára has loved foreign languages and English in particular since she was a child. She gained her first teaching experience when she was only a 10-year-old girl and started learning English at school; right after her classes, she would rush home to teach her aunt, whose daughter had emigrated to the USA, whatever it was that she had just learned. While studying English and American philology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University she taught company courses and individual and group lessons. She studied in the US – both at the high school and university and spent one year as an Erasmus student in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. After completing her studies, she lived and worked in Ireland. Her current focus is on teaching small children, for whom she created the unique experience-oriented Speak & Do project, which incorporates elements of Montessori pedagogy and Hejný’s mathematics. Bára abounds with original ideas for kids’ activities – be it sports, trips, arts and crafts, little science experiments or just ”simple” games. She promotes a respectful and respecting partner-like approach to children and practices this day with her son and daughter (6 and 4 years old). Her special talent is to bring people together. Whatever she does, she does 100 percent. Speak & Do is her ”third baby” and her current passion.


Alena KravarčíkováAlena Kravarčíková
Office manager

I am a Capricorn and a perfectionist. I love bringing structure into chaos, being in charge, keeping an eye on deadlines and agreements. I am an ideal complement for creative people and visionaries; communication is my strong suit. I have been looking after clients all my professional life, it is my job and hobby. I am raising a 12-year-old young lady, so I know it is not always easy when you want to give your kids the best. Speak & Do tries to provide the best to kids using inner experience, play, an individual approach, and a special teaching methodology. English thus becomes an absolutely natural part of the kids’ lives which they seek out themselves. You can do anything you want.



Liam WelshLiam Welsh
English teacher

Hi, I'm Liam, I'm twenty-three and I come from Scotland. I enjoy my work with Speak & Do because I value the organic relationships that are forged with children and their families. I believe that a child can learn better with a smile on his or her face than if they are dictated to in a grave classroom environment. Speak & Do rewards my creative inclinations and allows me to draw out the creative impulses of children which, in my opinion, are always ready to be ignited. It's a close community of teachers that place importance on the experiences of youngsters, nurtures growth, and seeks to fill their time with equal parts learning and wonder.



Beth ShaughnessyBeth Shaughnessy
English teacher ~ external collaborator (currently out of the country)

After completing my studies in Childcare, English literature, English language and Psychology in England I decided to see what a TEFL course could offer me and so I flew over to Prague with my partner. In England, I have left behind my horse and my much-loved job of delivering Princess parties to children from just one to ten years old. Despite loving my day to day life in England, the urge to travel and teach had me itching at my fingertips - a desire I knew could not be contained. At home, I have grown up in a family with seven siblings; not only has this given me the advantage of growing up in a big, loving and caring family household, but I have also established a natural talent for caring for children of all ages. My passion for children is no better expressed than when working alongside Bara at Speak & Do where we teach children the basic English language in a fun and caring way.



Benjamin SelingerBenjamin Selinger
English teacher

I believe in the child. Also in the one whose hair has turned grey because even an old wrinkled grouch was a child once, who needs support and understanding. I think a child gains understanding by empathizing – which, being an aware child, I hope I can do. Support, on the other hand, is gained through patience; I have been mastering the art of patience all my life by careful listening and by couching my students and friends. In the past, I used to interpret for kids from reception centers, translate legal documents and supervise a summer camp in Pennsylvania. I love to spend both long and short moments of spare time intoxicated by music and creation and in the remaining time, I allow myself to be fascinated by both the surrounding and my inner world. A language school should provide an ideal space for development. It should be equally open to everybody who knocks on its doors. Speak & Do provides such a unique space where kids not only receive an education but are also given a chance to fully develop their potential and express themselves.



Anna FieldsAnna Fields
English teacher

My name is Anna, I am 22 years old, and I am glad to be a new addition to the Speak & Do team! I recently graduated from University in America and moved to the Czech Republic to teach English. I arrived in Prague in February, and I have been earning my TEFL and YLT certifications. I love working with kids because they are so fun, creative, and funny. In America, I taught primary school students and worked as a server and a camp counselor. When I’m not with kids, you can find me exploring this wonderful city or reading a book and drinking a nice cup of coffee at a quiet café. Any recommendations for great spots to visit inside or outside the city are welcomed! I can’t wait to get to know Prague, to get to know the Czechs and to become a part of the Speak & Do world. I feel so grateful to start this journey with such an amazing staff and such amazing children!



Mario GradínMario Gradín
Spanish Teacher

Hi! I'm Mario and I'm from Spain! There are a lot of things I love about Prague: its history, culture or its great architecture... but I'm particularly fascinated by the people of Prague: they're eager to learn anything, especially new languages! It's wonderful to share my mother tongue and my culture with kids and their parents, and I know Speak & Do is the best way to do this. :) I'm waiting for you! ¡Os espero!




Petra BrandalikovaPetra Brandalikova
English teacher

Hi, I’m Petra. I've been teaching 3-10-year-old kids for three years now and I was with the Speak & Do team for the SummerCamps. I also teach adult classes. I studied languages at the Faculty of Education and creative education at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Kids teach me how to play and discover new things that's why I enjoy my time with them.




Sarah TullySarah Tully
English teacher

Hello! I am Sarah from the United States. I have been in Prague for five years and currently, am finishing a Master’s at Charles University. In my off time, I love to do pottery and other crafts and enjoy going to quizzes. I have been at Speak & Do since May 2018 and love it! I enjoy working with kids; my favorite activities are craft time and discovering a new book the children have yet to read. I love the sense of family and community that Speak & Do bring to teaching, and how both the staff and students are a great mix of Czech and native English speakers. I hope to continue staying in the Czech Republic, especially for the yearly mushroom hunting :)



Madeline RogersMadeline Rogers
English teacher

Hello, hello! My name is Madeline. I'm from a small mountain town located in Southern California. I moved to Prague to experience a new lifestyle, culture, and language. During my free time I love to sing, dance, hike in the mountains, travel, cuddle with animals, ride horses and eat scrumptious food. The reason why I chose to be a teacher for Speak & Do is that I believe in their teaching methodology. I myself went to a Montessori school when I was a child and it benefited me in so many ways. I think the Montessori methodology can benefit many other children who have a difficult time with other teaching styles. I’m excited to experience life in the Czech Republic and even more excited to be working for an awesome program!



Adamya RajAdamya Raj
English teacher

Hello, I am a medical student in Prague from London. I am also a certified Mediator. While looking for a job I stumbled upon the opportunity to teach kids English. Learning a new language can be stressful and my aim as a teacher is to make this process fun. I like to integrate a lot of unconventional ways into my teaching. After teaching English at two Montessori schools, I came across a job opportunity at Speak & Do. This opportunity works best for me, I have the chance to be creative and teach this language without too many restrictions. Teaching at Speak & Do also gives me the opportunity to teach adults, which is a whole new experience. Teaching adults give me the opportunity to diversify my circle of acquaintances and potentially friends. As a person, I am fun and easy going, always up for trying new things. The only minor flaw is I’m not a very outdoorsy person. I look forward to meeting you and helping you master the English language. Have a nice day :)



Madeleine ErikssonMadeleine Eriksson
English teacher

Hi! My name is Maddie and I just started working for Speak & Do! I moved to Prague in August and got certified to teach English. Before moving to Prague, I got a degree in Elementary Education from North Carolina State University. I've grown up working with preschoolers and learning how to teach kids of all ages! Living in Prague has been a DREAM and I am so grateful for all the wonderful people and families I have met. When I'm not teaching, I'm eating pineapple pizza and exploring the city with my goofy flatmates!




Nathan PriestleyNathan Priestley
English teacher

Hi, my name is Nathan. I’m from Kent in England and I have recently started working for Speak & Do. I moved to Prague in September because I fancied a change and I have never tried working or living in a different country so I thought I would give it a try. Back in my hometown, I was teaching primary school children with learning/behavioral/social issues. I love working with children because I believe that they can equally teach you as much as you are teaching them but in many different ways. They also remind us that life is supposed to be fun and doesn’t need to be such a struggle, we can learn and grow every day of our lives and have fun in the process.