Speak & Do Team

Bára KvasničkováBára Kvasničková
Owner, Founder & Managing Director

Bára has loved foreign languages and English in particular since she was a child. She gained her first teaching experience when she was only a 10-year-old girl and started learning English at school; right after her classes, she would rush home to teach her aunt, whose daughter had emigrated to the USA, whatever it was that she had just learned. While studying English and American philology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University she taught company courses and individual and group lessons. She studied in the US – both at the high school and university and spent one year as an Erasmus student in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. After completing her studies, she lived and worked in Ireland. Her current focus is on teaching small children, for whom she created the unique experience-oriented Speak & Do project, which incorporates elements of Montessori pedagogy and Hejný’s mathematics. Bára abounds with original ideas for kids’ activities – be it sports, trips, arts and crafts, little science experiments or just ”simple” games. She promotes a respectful and respecting partner-like approach to children and practices this day with her son and daughter (6 and 4 years old). Her special talent is to bring people together. Whatever she does, she does 100 percent. Speak & Do is her ”third baby” and her current passion.




Beth ShaughnessyBeth Shaughnessy
Online English Teacher

After completing my studies in Childcare, English literature, English language and Psychology in England I decided to see what a TEFL course could offer me and so I flew over to Prague with my partner. In England, I have left behind my horse and my much-loved job of delivering Princess parties to children from just one to ten years old. Despite loving my day to day life in England, the urge to travel and teach had me itching at my fingertips - a desire I knew could not be contained. At home, I have grown up in a family with seven siblings; not only has this given me the advantage of growing up in a big, loving and caring family household, but I have also established a natural talent for caring for children of all ages. My passion for children is no better expressed than when working alongside Bara at Speak & Do where we teach children the basic English language in a fun and caring way.




David HromatkaDavid Hromatka
English Teacher

Nazdar. I grew up with a (misspelled) Czech surname but very little knowledge about my Czech ancestry. That was a big part of the reason why I decided to leave a position in corporate America behind to move to Europe and get in touch with my roots. I am an avid reader of everything from ancient philosophy to contemporary postmodernism and would not feel comfortable leaving my flat without several hours of Spotify albums to keep me company. I have only been lucky enough to visit a few cities outside Prague in my time in the Czech Republic so far but I hope to become fully acquainted with the nature before I move on to a different country. In my free time, I enjoy watching people on the tram, writing songs, and trying to combine these two activities. Meet me in person at an open mic night near you or at one of my classes! ;-)




Petra BrandalikovaPetra Brandalikova
English Teacher

Hi, I’m Petra. I've been teaching 3-10-year-old kids for three years now and I was with the Speak & Do team for the SummerCamps. I also teach adult classes. I studied languages at the Faculty of Education and creative education at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Kids teach me how to play and discover new things that's why I enjoy my time with them.





Saara ZafarSaara Zafar
English Teacher

I'm Saara. I was born in Ireland but lived in many parts of the world before moving to Prague to study Medicine. I've been here for almost 5 years and I love how there's always something new and interesting to experience in this city. When I'm not hiding away in the library, studying for my next big test, I like to keep myself busy doing something positive and creative - which is one of the reasons I joined Speak & Do. Seeing the children learning a second language while simultaneously having a great time is really motivating and I hope that I can help them on this journey.




Liam HoofeLiam Hoofe
English Teacher

Having graduated from university with a degree in English Literature and Journalism I worked as a professional writer in the UK for several years before deciding to combine my two biggest passions- English and travel, and become an English teacher. The Czech Republic was my first stop and I have since adopted the country as my second home, falling madly in love with it's history, culture and lifestyle. Having also studied the works of Czech authors like Kafka, Kundera and Meyrink at university I have only fell more in love with Prague since my arrival. I am passionate about teaching and want to help others learn my native language, whilst learning all about their culture and lives as well.




Danielle BodnarDanielle Bodnar
English Teacher

Hi, my name is Danielle and I’m originally from a small town in New York state, USA. I came to Prague to try teaching English, and I have found that I really like both! Prague is a beautiful, perfectly sized city, and teaching English to students of all ages has given me a chance to learn more about Czech culture and my own mother tongue! I love being creative in my free time, and when I teach, and I love bringing out creativity in other people. I like how kids can come up with some fun, crazy ideas!




Matt ReardonMatt Reardon
English Teacher

My name is Matthew Reardon and I am from the USA. A few facts about me is that I am a big foodie and I love taking part in all sorts of outdoor activities, such as, skateboarding, scuba diving, hiking, to traveling. After finishing university where I completed my degree in Geography & Environmental Science, I decided it was time to try something new; moving to Prague to teach English as a foreign language. Although this was something totally new for me, I realized how fun it can be. I enjoy teaching people of all ages but tend to find myself working with kids more often. To me, teaching kids is very important since they are the future. I believe that being a role model for these kids is as important as being a good teacher. Kids can be quite challenging to teach at times, but their energy and smiles are what keeps me going. I am pleased to be able to work with Speak & Do.




Katie NicholsonKatie Nicholson
English Teacher

I’m CELTA & CELTYL qualified and have been teaching English since 2015. I have experience teaching young learners and adults, groups and individuals, with levels ranging from beginner to C1. I’m friendly, open-minded, a keen traveller, and enjoy meeting and working with people. When teaching, I believe it’s important to engage with students and create a friendly environment in the classroom, using activities/games and personalized topics to encourage student participation and communication, allowing them to gain confidence using a second language. I really enjoy teaching kids, as they are the most authentic in the way they express themselves, and have a different perspective on things. I find that their natural energy and curiosity has helped me to be a better teacher, and more positive in general.




Jennifer WheelerJennifer Wheeler
English Teacher

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I've recently moved from Seattle, USA and I'm so excited to teach English in Prague! I have worked as a primary school teacher for 4 years in the US and I've also taught kids and adults how to swim and rock climb. I love both the challenge and satisfaction of working with kids. They grow a tiny bit each day and it's so cool to watch them explore and learn new things! Teaching is a great way for me to help others and harness my creativity.




Alys LanderosAlys Landeros
English Teacher

After graduating from university with a degree in English teaching and Spanish, I was ready to go out in the world and pursue all my opportunities. I visited Prague for the first time in March 2019 and fell in love, so I knew I had to come back and stay! Since living in Prague, I have earned my TEFL certificate and have an additional certificate to teach Young Learners. I have a strong passion for working with children and aiding them in their education. I believe that the best way to learn is to emphasize creativity, have fun, and encourage the child’s interests and natural abilities. I also teach adults and enjoy being a friendly, approachable teacher. Outside of teaching, I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, and being outdoors!




Christopher SaulnierChristopher Saulnier
English Teacher

Hello, name is Chris Saulnier! I'm an English teacher from Canada. I love physical activity and outdoor sports such as surfing, snowboarding, and rock climbing. I enjoy teaching because I like being able to make a positive and lasting difference in people's lives. I enjoy teaching children best of all because I love their energy and the fun we're able to have in class, I also love that I can really see the growth in their language abilities over multiple lessons. I chose to move to Prague because I wanted a new life experience, but I also wanted to live somewhere that felt similar to my home. All of the friendly people and the nature were the two biggest things that drew me in. Speak & Do was the best option for me because I love that the methodology is based on teaching through experience - the students learn the language in a natural way, just as I had when I was a child.