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Playdates at Speak & Do are a fun, active and engaging way for your child to learn English. For each Playdate, the Native teacher will come to your house, play games, sing songs, read books and based on the family's preferences, also play outdoors and create some crafts. The best thing about our playdates is that we have flexible and experienced teachers who are able to adjust based on the child's needs, interests and mood.


Speak & Do playdates are a brilliant way for your child to learn, improve or keep up their English in a respectful, child-centered and natural way.

Besides English (Spanish or French) playdates for children, we also offer individual lessons to their parents or other adults.


You can sign up for these individual courses through our online registration form:

S&D PLAYDATES, Teens & Adults - Registration Form

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@speakanddo.cz or call +420 720 757 486.

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